3 New Releases that get me excited.

I am fairly confident, I am not the only one that gets all weeeezy and oooooozie when thinking about booze and all the things I’m going to be trying soon! So this is just a quick run down (in no particular order) of some of the new beers, wines and spirits coming to Tiny’s that have me excited! 

Bodriggy Hazy Pale Ale

Bodriggy Brewing – Perfect Strata Hazy Pale

This is what Bodriggy have to say about it.

“A single hop hazy Pale Ale, "Perfect Strata". A beer showcasing the one of a kind deliciousness of the Strata hop. They have used Strata in the boil, dry hop and to dip hop the beer. One hop, but used in three different applications. Beer geeks rejoice. Super soft, and pillow-y mouthfeel with a round, yet easy drinking body. Deep golden colour, with shades of orange. Candied orange and ripe, fresh berries on the nose. Dank with a subtle touch of pine. Yeast esters of apricot and pear appear in the aroma, with orange candy and sweet bright citrus make up the majority of the palate.”

Why am I excited?

Never more than ever, am I craving hazy pale ales. Maybe its the weather, maybe it’s the fact that I can have four beers (sorry IPA’s, ive given myself a limit of 2 a session) and still be able to function, maybe its just that fresh hop aroma I’m chasing. Either way, I’m licking my lips for this one.

When is it coming to Tiny’s?

Soon, imminent, less than a week.

Down the Rabbit Hole Sangiovese Cabernet

Down the Rabbit Hole, McLaren Vale – 2020 Sangiovese Cabernet

This is what Down the Rabbit Hole have to say about it.

“In this bottle awaits a wonderful experience. Sangiovese brings lifted dark cherries, spice and powdery tannins, while the Cabernet adds a succulent berry notes and provides a smooth finish. Matured in seasoned French oak, they come together in perfect harmony to create a rich and savoury wine that’s about to blow my mind.”

Why am I excited?

I’m a big believer in South Australian Wines, not just those out of the Barossa. Down the Rabbit Hole, is located in McLaren Vale, South Australia’s first wine region. McLaren Vale is roughly 45 minutes due south of Adelaide, in between the hills and the ocean.

Down the Rabbit Hole also make progressive and fun wines, and a quote from DTRH website “pour another glass, sit a while... smile a lot” kind of sums up how I feel about their wines. Having had their Shiraz, I defiantly smiled a lot, a poured another glass and kept smiling. So I’m excited to see what else these legends (Walter Clappis – Winemaker) have in store for me when I try these wine varietal’s in combo.

When is it coming to Tiny’s?

It actually arrived in store last week. I just have just been saving a bottle for a special occasion. My Mum and Dad are down this week (they live in Gippsland), so Ill probably crack this bottle some time Friday night for us to all share.

Deeds Mixed Culture Project

Deeds Brewing - Plutocracy

This is what Deeds have to say about it.

“A blend of saison and mixed culture beer that was aged in French oak for 12 months, and then macerated on fresh pluots for 5 months at a fruiting rate of 580g/L. This beer is 100% naturally conditioned in the bottle. Some yeast sediment is completely normal. We recommend chilling upright for 24 hours before opening. Enjoy fresh, or age carefully as the beer will develop in complexity over time.”

Why am I excited?

This is the next release of the Deeds Mixture Culture Project. And if its anything like the first releases Spectral Bodies and Iterations (which both didn’t last long), I will be enjoying these and craving for more. Its no secret I love what Deeds do, so yer, it has my mouth salivating.

When is it coming to Tiny’s?

Hopefully very, very soon. Its scheduled for this week.

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